Breathwork Fundamentals

Discover the magic of breathwork! Dive into my 30 day online course, I will teach you how to master the art of relaxation, boost your energy levels and bid farewell to stress. Say hello to better sleep, wave goodbye to tension, and let each breath become your guide to a more vibrant life!

I need this!

Ever wonder what it would feel like to wake up refreshed, tackle the day with boundless energy, and unwind stress-free every evening?

I can help.

Imagine 30 days from now...


Stress and anxiety no longer hold you back – breathwork can be your daily antidote, helping you regain control over your emotions and find peace in the midst of chaos.


Your productivity soars – with breathwork, you'll unlock a wellspring of energy and focus, making each day a more productive and purposeful one.


A good night's sleep becomes your reality – breathwork techniques can ease insomnia and ensure you wake up refreshed, ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.


Better health and vitality are within reach – through the power of breath, you can support your immune system, boost your physical well-being, and experience life with newfound vibrancy.


I'm Ready For Change!

Meet Your Host, Rob.


I'm Rob Rea, and truthfully, I'm selfish. This course? It's all about me. I know the perks of efficient breathing—how to shift from sluggish to energised, how to calm a busy mind for better sleep.

I made a follow-along video to eliminate the need for thinking. Just hit play and feel, no overthinking required.

Accountability was another motivation. I wanted to remove barriers from breathwork practice, so I structured everything for you. All you have to do is be kind to yourself and dedicate up to 10 minutes daily.

Breathwork isn't new; it's ancient. I'm consolidating years of knowledge and experience into one accessible place for you to press play and dive in.

Yes, I'm selfish, but I hope you'll find value in it too. Welcome to Breathwork Fundamentals. I enjoyed creating it, and I hope you enjoy experiencing it.

Okay, I need this









Breathwork Fundamentals


30 Day Online Course

  • Daily Breathwork

  •  A Weekly Breathwork Structure

  •  4 Key Modules & 4 Workbooks

  •  Easy to follow along video and audio

  •  Access to a Community Space

  • Lifetime Access

What's Inside The Course?

Week One

Connection and Awareness

First, you'll delve into gaining deep insights into your breath and its connection to mindfulness.


Week Two


Next I will teach you techniques to energise and invigorate your body and mind

Week Three


The third week imparts the skills to find calm and serenity through breath control.

Week Four

Breathwork Holds for Meditation

I will guide you in harnessing your breath as a meditation tool, enabling you to enhance your focus and presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

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