Meet Rob



Meet Rob



I'm Rob Rea

My journey with breathwork started over a decade ago in Bali. Here I discovered within stillness, a sanctuary for creativity, introspection and healing. Over the past decade I have dedicated myself to exploring various breathwork practices and methodologies, exploring the profound connection between our physiological and psychological states. My path has taken me on a global adventure, where I have integrated breathwork, meditation & somatic experiencing techniques into my daily life.

My Story

I'm Rob, originally from Belfast, now based in London. I worked in banking for 5 years before realising it wasn't my path. I discovered Breathwork during my honeymoon in Bali, which led me to become a model and travel to London, Paris, Sydney, and New York. These experiences taught me to find inner calm regardless of my external circumstances.

Travelling gave me the opportunity to take in a range of different teachings and modalities of breathwork. From pranayama, somatic experiencing, Qi Gung, functional breathwork, breathwork for performance to transformational breathwork and yoga teacher training ‚Äď I dived into the dynamic world of stillness.

Why I Do It

Equipped with tools to manage stress and uncertainty, I began sharing them with friends through socially distanced online Zoom sessions for their companies. Their positive response led to the creation of "That Breath Guy."

Breathwork has impacted my life and the lives of others in so many profound ways. It is my honour to share this medicine with you.

Today, I offer Group Workshops, Corporate Workshops, Retreats, limited 1:1 sessions, and my online course: Breathwork Fundamentals.

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Ready to breathe with me?

Everyone gets affected by stress one way or another. By using specific breathwork techniques you learn to control your central nervous system, and can integrate their use into everyday life.

If you’d like to learn more about breathwork, work together in a 1:1 or collaborate for a workshop, please get in touch.

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